10 Auto Maintenance Tips Every Driver Should Know

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Wondering what you can do at home in Detroit to protect the condition of your vehicle? Even with no auto maintenance experience, you can perform basic checks between your car’s routine automotive maintenance schedule visits! Here are ten automotive maintenance tips that every driver should know.



Read the Manual

Your owner’s manual is the single best source of information about your vehicle’s make, model, and model year. Take the time to read it and get familiar with your car’s controls, displays, and error codes. It will also provide an overview of your vehicle’s automotive maintenance schedule.

Check and Change the Engine Oil and Oil Filter

Checking your oil on a regular basis and changing it when necessary is one of the most essential automotive maintenance tips for Royal Oak drivers to know! Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine, preventing friction and regulating the temperature to prevent overheating.

Check and Replace the Cabin Air Filter

A dirty air filter reduces the air quality inside your vehicle, and may even negatively impact your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and power.

Check the Engine Coolant

Coolant prevents engine damage that can be caused by freezing or boiling. It does this by transferring heat, a process that can only occur when there is enough liquid coolant in the reservoir.

Select the Right Fuel Type

If your vehicle has a high-performance engine, the automaker may recommend that you use a higher-octane fuel. Using a lower-octane fuel instead can cause the combustion process to happen at the wrong time, causing the pistons to knock against the crankshaft walls.

Inspect the Light Bulbs

Your car’s headlight or taillight bulbs can burn out at any time, and it’s not always easy to notice while you’re driving. Routinely check all light bulbs to make sure they’re working.

Check the Windshield Wipers

Don’t wait until you’re driving in a rainstorm to discover that your wipers aren’t working properly! Check the function of your windshield wipers on a regular basis.

Check the Tire Pressure

Use a tire pressure gauge to quickly check your vehicle’s tire pressure. We also recommend checking the tread depth to ensure that your car’s tires can grip the road surface properly. Place the penny with Lincoln’s head facing down into treads in various places on the tire: if you can see all of his head, the treads are too worn and it’s time to replace the tire.

Follow Your Automotive Maintenance Schedule

Your automotive maintenance schedule is specifically designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely in Farmington Hills. Scheduling service at the recommended intervals helps to catch and correct problems while they’re still small and can extend the life of many parts and systems.

Learn More About Your Warranty

Your GMC or Buick warranty covers many of your car’s routine maintenance items, as well as defective parts. Our team is happy to tell you more about your coverage.

Schedule Auto Service in Detroit

Questions about your automotive maintenance schedule or our current service specials? Wondering when it’s time to rotate your tires? The seasoned technicians at Ray Laethem Buick GMC, Inc. are standing by to assist you. Contact our service center for additional automotive maintenance tips today!


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